Flamed Maple

Quilted Maple






Trans Honey over
Quilted Maple

Vintage Cherry Burst

JunkYard Finish
Stained Trans Amber

Stained Trans Honey
Flame Maple

Stained Trans Black Cherry
Flame Maple

Stained Trans Copper
Quilted Maple

Stained Trans Purple
Flame Maple

Trans Blue Quilt Maple

Stained Trans Green
Quilt Maple

Stained Trans Teal
Quilted Maple

Guitar finishes range from the natural beauty of wood grain - to the outrageous Metalflakes and custom graphic paint jobs.  Let's just say "The Sky is the Limit..." from mild to wild!

We use the highest industry standard  polyester top coat along with a urethane clear.   With numerous years of experience our Team has perfected the finish application, which will still allow the guitars' enter beauty to resonate

Since we use DRL Graphics exclusively for all our finishes you can expect the highest quality professional finish. We offer the BEST in the industry!!

Types of finishes

Natural  Clear coat applied over the natural wood, which allows the beauty and luster of Mother Natures uniqueness to show through

Dyes & Staining (Grain Enhancement) are hand applied to pull out the natural grain definition.  Some stains are applied to give it that "Pop" before the trans colors or bursts are applied.

Trans colors that are used to the overall base, giving it a translucent hue.  It is use for wood as well as Metalflakes and  custom graphics etc.

Candies are a silver or gold base with a trans color applied over the top.  i.e. Candy Apple Red, Candy Blue, etc.

Burst are applied to the edge of the body giving it a color transition from dark to light.  Different colors are used for different effects.  i.e. Two-Tone Burst, Three-Tone Burst, Honey Burst, Cherry Burst, Tobacco Burst etc

Metallic  is a trans color mixed with Silver paint.  Hues and tones are controlled by the amount of color that is mixed in.  Metallic finishes have a slight shimmer in color such as in Metallic Black, Ice Blue, Metallic Red etc.

Solid is pretty much self explanatory ! a solid color. 

Super-Sparkle sometimes confused with Metalflake. It has a similar sparkling effect but is actually smaller in size and tends to dance more under intense lighting.

MetalFlake the larger in the sparkle family and has been used in the industry for years.  A favorite for many artist as well as for the GMP line.  Provides you that Las Vegas dazzle!

Graphics Lets just say the sky is the limit... for more graphic ideas please check out DRL Graphics!

"If you dream it... we can make it happen!"

Other finishing touches

Binding  is an accent to the appearance of the instrument.  It is hand applied to the body's edge, neck edge and head stock.  Colors include Ivroid, White, Black etc...

"final cleaning on Ivroid binding"

Fingerboard Inlay  is also an adornment than enhances the overall appearance of the instrument, as well as fingerboard selection (examples available on our Woods page). Below are a few Inlay examples:  Black, Abalone, Pearl and Custom. 

Black Diamond on
Birdseye Maple fingerboard
Black Binding

Abalone Diamond
 Maple fingerboard with
*Custom Perloid Binding

Small Pearl Diamond on
Rosewood fingerboard with
Ivriod  Binding

*Custom Red Metalflake
Diamond Maple fingerboard
with Ivroid binding


check out the slideshow for more photos



Metalflake USA


Custom SouthWest
Aztec Lizard

Metalflake Blue with
Green Flame



SuperSparkle Green

Trans color over
Silver Super Sparkle













  Please note the colors shown on our website are only a small sample of what is available and for our website reference only!  Due to different monitor and display settings, color variation between the images represented here and the actual finish may occur. A custom color fee may be required if an exact color is desired.